Wednesday, June 20, 2018

to NYC - Melinda and I do New York at Cynthia's

Before Melinda and I go to New York, I stay in Seal Beach
so Steve can take Melinda and myself to the airport.


New York, New York

First look at the City from the Penthouse

Our first meal at the Ramen shop near Cynthia's

Alberto Giacometti at the Guggenheim!


Day 2 -
Melinda checking email at
57th Street

We check out MoMa

Body Isek Kingelez

Bodys Isek Kingelez

Day 3, we go to the High Line!!!

After the walk on the High Line
a refreshing Caprese Salad at a Pizza place!


Ground Zero 9/11 Memorial


Susie, Adrienne, Melinda and Cynthia
having fun our last evening in NYC


Penn Station waiting
for the train to Providence , RI to meet Paula

Sunday, June 10, 2018

My day with Anthony Berteaux...a gift for my birthday

We go to the Broad

Go up the escalator and this is what you see...

Murakami captured my essence...

Roy Lichtenstein made a sculpture of my son when
he was in middle school?
Can you guess which is my son?

His mother told him to put his hands in his
pockets and not touch anything. Only then was
he able to look and take in the art. 

Yayoi Kusama's light box - "Longing for Eternity"

We are hungry and walk to
Grand Central Market

Falafel Salad and Beer
a very yummy lunch

Angels Flight - only 50 cents with
a tap card!

Are we having fun or what?

At the top of the flight...

Back at the Broad and the Infinity Room.
It's almost Holy

This place is very satisfying!

Friday, June 8, 2018

New Adventures for the 2018 Summer

And so it begins...
Another adventure for the Summer of 2018.

On June 6, 2018, I leave John in Pacific Grove for a few days in Sierra Madre with my dad and Anthony before I take off for the East Coast.

Here's the summer itinerary for the two of us:

June 6: Susie starts off for Southern California to spend time with Dad and Anthony.

June 12: Susie and Melinda Howell leave for NYC to visit with Cynthia Villani.

June 13: John leaves for China to present a paper in Suzchou for ISCSC International Conference.

June 16: Susie and Melinda meet Paula McCandless in Providence, RI, to drive to Chatham, MA and join the rest of the Ancient Mariners.

June 17: Dave joins John in Suzchou from Toykyo for some male bonding.

June 21: John flys to France to settle in Pouzolles until Sept. 31.

June 23: Susie and Paula fly to Baltimore for a check in with Tom and the granddaughters.

June 27: Susie flys to Barcelona, Spain, takes the train to Beziers, France to join John in Pouszolles.

We should be taking short trips around the area and receiving guests for the next 2 months in the South of France near the Mediterranean Sea

Watch for photos once a week (maybe even 2 times in a week) I will try to post on Wednesdays(?).

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

On June 15, 2012, we returned to the Monterey Peninsula after the year-long sabbatical.


After 12 ½ months from the trip of a lifetime, we are settled in a lovely apartment in Pacific Grove among pine trees and California Oaks with deer and squirrels wandering among the trees and apartments. 


Upon our return to the USA, Anthony, our grandson, joined us for his Senior year in High School.  He is going to Pacific Grove High school and will be going to a California State University next Fall (we hope).

Happy together!
Tamara, Anthony, John, Olivia, Susie and Jon

After Anthony arrived here, we made a quick trip to Morro Bay/San Luis Obispo to see the Wickstroms before Olivia went off to college at Portland State University in Portland, OR.

In this photo, John and I are having breakfast with
my dad, Ray and my brother, John,
when we first returned to the States in June

Now it is December and John and I are still getting used to being at home with Anthony, family, familiar friends, work and routine.  I think our year-long adventure will stay with us for a long, long time. 

Here are a few highlight photos from our “Big Adventure(s)”. . .

Montreal, Quebec
Toasting to the Big Adventure


Montreal, Quebec
June 1- September 30, 2011
The province of Quebec, Canada for 4 months:
French classes, walks and  theater in Parc La Fontaine,
trips to Ottawa, Quebec City and the Laurentians


Puente de Mujeres. BAires

Montevideo, Uruguay

Buenos Aires, Argentina
October 1, 2011 – February 28, 2012
Argentina, Uruguay for 5 months:
Tango lessons, Alfajores, ferias, steaks, Malbec, empandas,
bus trip to Bariloche, ferry to Uruguay


4 Rue Barbes

St Michel
Esperaza, France

Esperaza, France
March 1 to May 28, 2012
Arrive in Paris for 4 days, train to Southern France for 3 months:
French and yoga classes, croissants, cheese, blanquette.
Road trips all over Southern France and to Barcelona

The Golden Pavilion
Dave, Susie, John Yuko and Alicia

Tokyo, Japan
May 29-June 15, 2012
Tokyo for 2 weeks, Kyoto for 3 days:
Apt. in Hiro, boat tours, bus rides,
lots of visiting with Dave, Yuko and Alicia